Voice of Culture

“West African Drum and Dance with a Black American twist!”

A West African performing group with an emphasis on cultural and artistic education.

Since 2008, VoC has served as a core for Black arts and culture in Minnesota. Voice of Culture is a collection of artists dedicated to the study of West African arts and culture.  We are also artists and social activists committed to using our art as a vehicle for social change.  The VoC philosophy explores the connections between many forms of Black art.  We do this through performances, workshops, artist residencies, presentations in schools, and cultural exchange.  

As is custom in West Africa, all company members play instruments, sing and dance in the cultural tradition.  We strive to share the beauty and the cultural specificity of the traditional rhythms, movements, and songs of West African people.  As descendants of enslaved Africans, this study is a great honor to us, and an attempt to discover truths about the culture we lost over the Middle Passage and as one legacy of Slavery. It is through the art of our ancestral people that we come to understand our history, our ancestry, and our places in contemporary society.  


Kinyari Al-Ahad

Yonci Jameson

Julian Hines

Kenna-Camara Cottman

Selema Al-Ahad

Deja Stowers

Ashley Akpaka

Jasmine Harris

Khettesar MenHeer

Ebrima Sarge

Averie Mitchell

HeavenLee Henderson

Muhrjana Henderson

Kamau Rodruigez

Naveah Gibson

Karissa Gibson

Benell Weatherspoon

Darrius Strong

VoC welcomes new members...what about you???


Ms. Kenna